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Professional divers question career choice after watching footballers dive in World Cup

02, Jul 2014 By Sushrut Abhyankar

After seeing footballers such as Arjen Robben and Neymar showcase their diving skills on the world stage,  many divers have admitted that they might have chosen the wrong careers.

One distraught diver said, “Although, I do not possess any technical skills of football, I think I could have  become a world-class player. Producing in impromptu dive in box would have been child’s play for me.”

Various others have shared their opinion as well. In fact, some young divers are considering retirement and trying their hand at a football career. Meanwhile, thanks to it’s matching skill set and the lucrative nature, several national boards have encouraged teen diving aspirants to switch to football.

In perhaps the most telling example, a diving academy in Spain has completely revamped itself into a football academy within a space of 2 days. The coach spoke to us exclusively, “We did not have to change our teaching much. All we did was shift to the abandoned ground next to the pool and started diving  there. The only thing the kids have to pay attention to is keep the ball close to them while diving. Also,we are conducting injury-feigning sessions to help them make the most out of their skill,”

The diving world is facing a crisis as many former divers have already begun trials at football clubs. What the future holds for the sport of diving remains to be seen but don’t be surprised to see a dive or two in coming football season.