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Poonam Pandey to start wearing clothes if India beats Australia in the upcoming series

15, Feb 2013 By Anil Sharma

Mumbai: After Gautam Gambhir’s sudden exclusion from the team, the upcoming India vs Australia series is in news again. This time because of Poonam Pandey.

Poonam Pandey, a 21 year-old model and a Twitter celebrity, today surprised everyone with a controversial announcement once again.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey, apparently wearing something.

“My love for cricket is not hidden from the world, as you all know India won the last world cup just because of me, in 2011 when I announced that I’ll go nude if India win, team India got all charged up and they won it for me, though later they cheated and said that they won it for some guy named Tendulkar!” Poonam told Faking News, “Anyway, as a very important series between India and Australia is coming up soon, before that, I have an important announcement to make, specially for the team India.”

“All I want to say is that if team India whitewash Australia in this upcoming series, I promise I will start wearing clothes,” Poonam revealed the mystery.

“People have seen everything, actually more than everything, as I have posted thousand of nude pictures of mine on Twitter till today, sad thing is that they don’t want to see it anymore. Some of them are even comparing me with Ekta Kapoor’s serials, same story everyday! Rest want me to wear clothes for the sake of the garment industries running worldwide. So I’ve decided to inspire our team this way,” Poonam explained to Faking News.

“I’ve talked to some of the cricketers too, they too want me to do the same. Suresh Raina is worried because his nephew saw my pictures accidentally the other day and now he is acting all crazy,” Poonam added.

“I will have to buy a new cupboard very soon though as until now I was keeping my clothes in this purse of mine,” she said showing her tiny little purse to the FN reporter who was busy seeing something else.

Our reporter did managed to record some of the reactions about this:

“I think she went overboard with this I’ll go nude thing, I’ve heard that few days ago she went nude when Ghatkopar defeated Borivali in a Kho-kho match, she ruined it for herself,” A young Indian cricketer (name withheld) told Faking News.

“I personally appreciate her efforts for the country’s good, though I also think that the announcement she made in 2011 was way much better,” BCCI member Rajeev Shukla reacted to this while checking Poonam’s pictures on his phone. “No, nothing important, just some data for the MPs to watch in the Parliament during the budget session,” Mr. Shukla clarified.

“This is great! That girl is sacrificing big time for us, its been a long time, she might have even forgot how to wear clothes properly. We will try our best to win the series. We will make sure that her sacrifice doesn’t go in vain,” Dhoni, the Indian captain, reacted after hearing about the controversial announcement.

In the meantime, KRK (the male Poonam Pandey on Twitter) is worried that from now on he will have to do all the vulgar things alone on the social networking site.