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Players protest against Dhoni for not giving them a chance to finish a game

02, Jan 2017 By Aman Rana

2nd January, New Delhi: Dhoni in trouble for being the best finisher of the Indian Cricket Team! Indian cricketers have protested against MSD for not letting them finish a match. Last night there also a conjecture that they will be doing “Dharna” at Jantar mantar, along with Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal to gather mercy from the citizens.

For the past 12 years, the Indian cricketers are waiting for a chance to finish a cricket match but the captain cool has made the situation a little uncool for the rest of his team mates.

"Look at him! Again he stole my chance."
“Look at him! Again he stole my chance.”

Through a cricket source we came to know that the players have also reported a complaint to BCCI, citing the fact that he is not letting them finish any game and always taking the credit, for all the victories himself.

Even during the semi finals against Bangladesh in the T 20 World Cup, he stole the thunder from Hardik Pandya, the rising superstar. Virat kohli who is in tremendous form in all formats, almost broke down during an interview. He said “mahi bhai has a great record but he should think about others too. Because of him, gauti didn’t get MOM in the 2011 WC and if this continues the same, he will take away my awards in the upcoming tournaments too. Now, even Anushka praises him more than me *Beep* *beep*!

Yograj singh, father of the dynamic Yuvraj singh, in an exclusive meeting with Faking news said “Dhoni is responsible for spoiling the careers of all Indian cricketers including my innocent son. Time and again he has proved himself to be the best finisher and that is certainly not good for the health of my child. Jab tak iss team mei dhoni rahega, baki bachho ko jeene nahi dega. He has forced the genius players like Sachin Azhar and Gavaskar to retire from this game.”

Amit Mishra, the leading wicket taker in IPL matches fears his position in the national team as he believes that MSD might take out his keeping gloves and start spinning the ball anytime during a match and finish off everything.

Meanwhile, we also met Dhoni at his native place ranchi. He was busy riding his bike but he took off some time for an interview with our representative. In his defence, Mahi has said that all allegations are false. He has, on a number of occasions, sent Sir Jadeja and Suresh Raina ahead of him but they did not complete the game because they respected their captain more than their innings. He also said that he does not fear any such chaos inside the dressing room as long as he has the support of Srini mama. #dhoni #cricket #finisher #bcci #sports #indiancricket #cricketteam