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Players go in coma after Ramiz Raza and Altaf Raza sing Qawwali during World Cup celebrations

30, Mar 2015 By yogendra

Melbourne: Australia defeated India in semifinal and then NZ in final, the former BCCI president N.Srinivasan exempted the ‘Tiguna lagan’ of poor Australia and organized a party for the celebration.

On the evening of celebration great Indian qawwal Altaf Raza was invited by ex BCCI precedent to sing qawwali there. Sources said that as soon as great Altaf Raza started with his trade mark ‘tum to thahre Pardesi’ Ramez Raza all of a sudden reached to stage and asked him, “Where did you get qawwali learned from?” In reply altaf raza said, “Its IIN….” Ramiz almost busted out of emotions and said, “I learned my commentary from IIN too, which means we are brothers who accidentally separated during 1975 world cup.”

Raza Brothers Performing
Raza Brothers Performing

And in the impulse of their emotions Altaf started singing qawwali while Ramiz started doing commentary. No one sitting there could have anticipated the lethal reaction by the mixing of two Razas. Eventually a ‘Qawwali Blast’ happened.

In a span of two minutes or so the duo produced such a deadly combination which led almost all Australian players, staffs and other guests to ‘coma’ while few of them in ‘inverted come’. Those who were drunk already and listening to it upside down went in to ‘inverted coma’ according to the sources.

N.Srinivasan managed to escape from there timely and sources are saying that he anticipated the consequences of the Razas’ mixture and took the exit. But fortunately someone called the police and medical help just after the blast, which saved the life of all people affected.

When asked the doctors about it they said, “The combination of duo had created a lot of lethal ‘two liners’ and we are continuously removing these out of the brains of the victims.” Not disclosing the name, one of the eyewitness Australian player described it as, “for a moment it was seeming like some music going on but the very next moment everyone is scratching their heads and was screaming and immediately after a blast happened…even I got shot by one two liner in my head and lost my consciousness.”

Doctors have recovered some two lines from the brain of victims which are as (read at your own risk and ensure that background music of qawwali is running in your mind to reduce the bad effect)

मान भी जा तू मेरा दिल न जल परदेसी आज की रात न जा परदेसी

He is playing it with the soft hands and playing it like crazy

दिल ने तेरी पूजा की दिल ने तुझको रब माना, दिल की नादानी थी

These two showed how to do it safely! This partnership is an example of how to do it safely

मैं वो फूल हूँ जिसको हर कोई गया मसल के, मेरा दिल ये कह रहा मेरे आंसुओं में डल के

Hafeez is pushing smoothly. His partner Jamshed is satisfied today

ये गम मुझे सताएगा फिर तू लौट के न आएगा फिर भी करती हूँ तेरा इंतज़ार

Misbah looked cool from exterior, don’t know about interior

Pray for the affected people and wish the good luck.