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Players disappointed as Poonam Pandey doesn't announce stript-tease for the winners

02, Jun 2014 By sanotech

IPL is over. KKR has won! But owners of both the teams had reportedly a tough time to motivate their respective teams on the eve of the final.

Kings XI Punjab & KKR players expressed their disappointment before the match as Poonam Pandey didn’t make any announcement to do strip tease for the winners just as she did during the World cup final.

Poonam Pandey strip
She refused this time.

Sunil Naraine dismissed rumors that the possibility of a Poonam Pandey act was the reason he had chosen to play the IPL final over his country’s upcoming test series against New Zealand.

Preity Zinta tried to uplift her team’s mood by promising longer hugs to Punjab Players if they won.

She had said, “I have proposed my hug package to the team if they win. A half century will amount to 20 second hug, anything better will result in an extra 10 second bonus hug while a century will land them a role in my next movie.”

Considering the downslide of her acting career, Sehwag reportedly was glad that such a package wasn’t effective in the previous match.

Meanwhile, being a former Kingfisher model, Poonam Pandey denied claims that she would have stripteased only for Vijay Mallya’s RCB. On asked if Mallya bribed her to NOT put up a show for the IPL finale, she said, “His cheques have bounced more than the bouncers his bowlers have bowled”.

It should however be noted that she had tweeted hot pictures of herself for RCB captain Virat Kohli after his innings of 183 won an Asia cup match against Pakistan in 2012.

On the other hand, SRK motivated his players by announcing that he would arrange for a special screening of RA.1 for his team if they lose. And it worked wonders.