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Piyush Chawla admits cursing Pakistan and Australia with his black magic

06, Oct 2012 By ControlZ

A stunning revelation made by talented leg spinner, Piyush Chawla, can be the reason for a major turnaround in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup. Piyush Chawla has revealed that he used his black magic skills to kick out Pakistan and Australia from the semi finals of the World Cup.

Chawla has come forward and briefed Faking News about how he went about turning tables in the World Cup.

“It all began in the first game that day. The Pakistan v/s Australia match. We were sure Australia would make it, but they just kept losing wickets as if they wanted us to get knocked out. But, we still had hope of beating South Africa, since Bhajji Pa and I were not playing.”

He added “Not reaching the semi finals didn’t hurt me much, since we are used to it, but the way Pakistani fans were having a good time in the ground! That really pissed me off, and I decided, to play the dark horse in the semi final.”

Piyush Chawla went on to reveal more about his black magic skills, when he took us inside his room, specially designed to suit him.

He asked us to sit on a chair, and returned back wearing a wig, which made him look somewhat like Juhi Chawla of ‘Kismat Konnection’.  He pointed out at a crystal ball, which he claims, shows the future.  But he changed the topic, when asked about his place in the playing XI in the upcoming Australia series.

He also showed us some voodoo dolls he used in the semi final games. “Here, this one is Kamran Akmal” he said pointing at one of the dolls. When asked, what makes it so special, he said “Feel its palm. I’ve put butter on it!”

He showed us another voodoo doll. “You see that one? That’s Shahid Afridi. But, I rarely use it, because you don’t need black magic to get his wicket.”

Piyush is also considering this skill as a full time job, since he is selected only for World Cups and has a lot of spare time in between.

Experts have alleged that Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni knew about this, but kept ignoring it saying that Piyush Chawla was his lucky charm.

Chawla also mentioned that he had used his black magic skills in the IPL, while playing for Kings XI Punjab. “Yes! I had used my black magic skills in the IPL, but it backfired badly, as Gilly decided to play me in all the matches!”