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People with the surname 'Sharma' will not be allowed to bowl anymore: BCCI

09, Dec 2013 By dilfake

The curse began in the 1986 Sharjah Cup final when Pakistan had six runs to win from just one ball. Chetan Sharma was the bowler and Javed Miandad was batting. Unfortunately, the ball over-pitched and was hit for a famous last ball six by Miandad, which made him more famous than he already was.

BCCI President Srinivasan released a harsh statement in a press conference last night that people with the surname ‘Sharma’ will not be allowed to bowl. When he was asked about his statement, he said, “After what Miandad did, the same has been continued since generations.

Curse of a name

We’ve had great bowlers in India but the ones with ‘Sharma’ as their surname have not been made for bowling, especially in the slog overs. “

He also cited examples to say, “We all have the dreadful over by Ishant Sharma recently to Faulkner in our mind. That one over ignited fires which raged throughout the country and encouraged people to innovate new cuss words. After that, it was Mohit Sharma in the last match. He too gave away 23 runs the penultimate over.  Also, if it wasn’t for match-fixing enthusiast Sreesanth’s catch, we would’ve lost the inaugural T20 World Cup final too when Misbah hit Joginder Sharma for almost a six. “

When Faking News reported Amit Singh asked him about the future of Sharmas, Srinivasan said, “They always have batting as an option. We’ll give them training and try to make them like Rohit Sharma.”