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People leave Wankhede fearing Pappu's Speech

15, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Day 2 of the test saw a different kind of rush among people as soon as master blaster was out. When Pappu in Black was shown on big screen there was a stampede like situation at the exits of wankhede stadium.

When asked, people told Udtikhabar that there is a rumor in stands that during the break Pappu will be giving his speech . Fearing they might have to suffer and it can cause brain injury they were running for their lives. Even calls from BCCI authorities (read Rajeev Shukla) that West Indies cricket board have promised they will give India a chance to see SRT again in second innings did not change their mind.

When udtikhabar asked others who were still waiting, they said its a rare occasion you see a live stand up comic making facts out of no where and that’s why they want to hear Pappu speak.