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Pakistani batsman commits suicide after realizing he is next in line to face Dale Steyn

03, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

A development that is bound to send shock waves down the spine of batsmen world over, a Pakistani batsman in the ongoing series against South Africa has allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his dressing room seconds after his coach Dave Whatmore told him that he is the next in the line to bat and face Dale Steyn & Co.

Dale Steyn’s reaction after being told of the tragic news

We have seen batsmen feigning injuries, taking untimely retirement and then announcing a comeback and all to avoid facing the bowlers they dread the most but committing is suicide is definitely a first. Although onlookers say it was not a suicide but a usual fight in Pakistani Dressing room that led to player being thrown off the balcony.

But a source from PCB on the condition of anonymity said that there have been rising demands from their batsmen to cancel this tour after they saw jaws of New Zealand batsmen getting broken and they deliberately getting run out to protect themselves from Dale Steyn in just concluded series.

The batsman in question happens to be the same one who would make himself available for all matches against India howsoever injured or ill he was. Sources say just before he took this drastic step, he overheard Sourav Ganguly’s conversation with Ravi Shastri where he was boasting about how he saved his life and career by declaring himself unfit ahead of that infamous Nagpur Test Match against Aussies when he chickened out after seeing green top. His mind apparently stopped working after this and he took this drastic step in a moment of madness.

Meanwhile some groups are demanding a ban on cricket matches as it hurts their sentiments to see Dale Steyn (team mate of Hashim Amla) “terrorizing” batsmen like this. And we at Faking News are as baffled as our readers at the logic behind such a demand.