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Pakistan wicket keeper fined for keeping quiet behind the stumps

28, Nov 2013 By iyerman

Pakistani wicket keeper Moin Akmal was fined by PCB for not shouting behind the stumps here at the Dubai International stadium in the match against Srilanka.

It needs much more than just wicket keeping to be a good wicket keeper.
It needs much more than just wicket keeping to be a good wicket keeper.

Moin Akmal who surfaced as the seventh brother from the wicket keeping family, replaced his brother Umar Akmal who was out with a throat injury. Umar Akmal was down with a missing tonsils after the South African tour where he shouted continuously for 150 overs across the 3 ODIs, ball after ball.

Moin Akmal on the other hand stood quietly collecting balls behind the stumps, taking catches and a couple of stumpings. This was seen as an unforeseen gesture for a Pakistani Wicket keeper. The PCB decided to impose  a fine of a match fee for him. He has been asked to go back home and get trained by his brothers on the art of shouting behind the stumps.

Moin Akmal, who could not live up to his first or last name, is said to be deeply disappointed with the decision and wanted to take asylum in Zimbabwe.  Robert Mugabe is said to be shocked with this request since it is the first of its kind. Moin Akmal later realized that he could well spend his whole life in Dubai since the Pakistan-Dubai treaty allowed dual citizenship for all Pakistanis.

Misbah-Ul-Haq, the Pakistani skipper for the quarter, said that the players in the dressing room kept discussing this issue for long. Shahid Afridi, age 25, expressed deep concern since he could not concentrate on his bowling without the “Lala Lala” shouts or the “Shahid Bhai Shahid Bhai” shouts from behind the stumps.

Meanwhile, erstwhile wicket-keeper Moin Khan has blamed Sachin Tendulkar for Moin Akmal’s poor performance. The BCCI is meanwhile is planning to provide training facilities for the batsmen to bat under heavy noises, just in case the Akmals play in the next IPL. Himesh reshammiya is said to have won the contract for the same.

The Akmals who feel disgraced by the event are planning to set up a Wicket-Keeping academy (with free admission for all Akmals), where they would train for shouting behind the stumps. The syllabus would include screaming out “Well done shahid bhai”, “Theek hai Shahid Bhai, Theek hai”, “Wahi dalo wahi dalo”, “Kya baat hai kya baat hai” and “Saabash Sania Saabash”.