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Pakistan to organize its own T-20 cricket league, "League of death"

19, May 2015 By Ransa

Islamabad. Seeing the success of IPL and other T-20 leagues Pakistan has decided to come up with its own league to nurture local talent and entertainment of their people. The Pakistan board spokesperson said our players lost to Bangladesh and people are no longer interested in watching matches of international team so to bring their interest back we will start a new league.

This league will be small and will have six franchises namely Death Commanders (owned by ISIS), Bomb Blasters (Owned by Al Queda), Crowd Kidnapers (Owned by Boko Haram), Death Lords (owned by Lashkar-e-Taiba), Killing Machine (owned by Hizbul Mujahideen) and Silent Killers(owned by ISI). This will be one of a kind tournament and we will be a platform for these organizations to show their skills in sports. We in Pakistan believe in giving opportunities to all people to showcase their talent. The six teams will compete in this tournament which will be played in Pakistan.

Aspirants waiting for their turn for cricket trials
Aspirants waiting for their turn for cricket trials

On speaking with one of the franchise owner he mentioned, “we are excited about it whether you know it or not we too love cricket. One of our fellow organizations Lashkar-e-Jhangvi when attacked Sri Lankan cricket team, their motive was to kidnap them and learn cricket from them but this western media has portrayed us villain”.

To make things interesting the tournament will also feature cheerleaders (we have abducted a lot of women and will have to use them somewhere) along with that there will be a blast on every four and six (crackers and fireworks are so down-rated for us). If this league will become successful we will be organizing a bigger event next year with more teams from such respectable organizations.

On asking whether they will be using a bidding system, he mentioned, “players cannot be bought by money they will play for pride, we will conduct trails in our training camps, we believe in having fresh players every tournament so once the tournament is over all the players from losing teams will be executed. We are hoping this league will be entertaining and will be able to generate a good amount of revenue to fund our further campaigns. Also we will be able to divert our people attention from petty issues like terrorism and development into a more useful subject like cricket.