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Pakistan to concentrate on Soccer after fixing allegations

05, Feb 2013 By Dhakkan

Sports authorities in Pakistan have decided to concentrate on soccer/football in their country. Pakistani Sports Ministry has included soccer for the 1st time in sports plan. An undisclosed amount is earmarked for the revival in the cricket crazy country. Experts believe that soccer fixing scam running in trillions has caused this change of heart in Pakistani sports arena.

Pakistani Football Association(PFA) president Mr. Laat Khan was overjoyed by this decision. He candidly admitted that now he, his fellow football officials & players will be able to compete with Pakistani cricket counterparts.

“You know it has been monopoly of cricketers in fame & fixing area, now we footballers will be able to contribute to our nation” were his 1st words. Another official on condition of anonymity said that “cricket is not even played by dozen countries & our cricketers were able to make millions. Soccer is popular in hundreds of country, just imagine the fixing money involved!”

He also tried calculating some figures on his laptop but unable to get formula right he just said “unlike cricket, we can fix even club & qualifier games in addition to national ties” as he was busy in putting bets on ongoing SA vs Pak series hence could not give more insights.

Our Faking News reporter risked his life & managed to get sound bytes from Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan on latest developments. Its suicide squad chief Mr. Mulla Meherban was visibly unhappy with the decision & said “our organisation is against men playing in half pants”; hearing this reporter ran for his life as he was interviewing the chief in half pants.