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Pakistan claims over Md. Shami in UN, says Kashmir is old issue

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Pakistan’s Panchsheel: Author Nawaz Sharif!!

Pakistan Prime minister gave five point to claim Speed star Md. Shami at United Nation General Assembly.

5 in 1 inning (Swing Speed Super Star Shami)

1) As title like Mahendra Yuvraj Singh,Rohit Sharma belongs to India in the same way Mohammad Yusuf , Khan belong to Pakistan, we never allowed any player with such title like (Singh, Sharma) to play for Pakistan then why should India do so, please return him to PCB.

2) As Md. Shami swing ball in both way, none of Indian players have done so far but many Pakistani bowler did so, it clearly indicates that he belongs to Pakistan.

3) Md. Shami ancestor ( par dadaji) home is in Rawalpindi, and his father was citizen of Banal which was east Pakistan.

4) We don’t want Kashmir now, it is an old issue , I become PM again and people of Pakistan are expecting new thing from me then why should I stick on Kashmir, “keep Kashmir and give shami” is our party latest motto.

5) If India will retain Bowlers like shami India will also retain ICC world cup 2015.

After Morden Panchsheel was revealed cricket playing nation and effective member of United Nation like Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri lanka started supporting Pakistan over this issue. Writer UN reserved its verdict till next publication.