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Pakistan claims it lost to Australia deliberately as Australia has more chance to defeat India in semi-final

20, Mar 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

In continuation with its strategy of throwing India out of the world cup at any cost, Pakistan has claimed that it lost to Australia deliberately. Pakistan believes it cannot defeat India in semi-final while Australia can do it and so it let Australia win the match. In the past also Pakistan has made similar claims after losing to West Indies and winning over Zimbabwe.

Ramiz Raza applauded the Pakistan team, “Good to see Pakistan executing the strategy on ground. It is one thing to make strategy and another to execute it.  If we cannot defeat India then it makes perfect sense to enable the other team to defeat India. We have also brought Steven Smith and Shane Watson to form. Both of them were struggling in this world cup. If you don’t believe that it was a plan then go and see how we made Australia do catch practice when we were batting and how we dropped catches later on ?”

Pakistan trying their best to defeat India
Pakistan trying their best to defeat India

Shoaib Akhtar was once again emotional and ranted out on Geo news, “I don’t understand this strategy. Are we playing cricket or are we the employees of foreign ministry of Pakistan? I think we lost to Australia deliberately not because we wanted Australia to beat India but because we were afraid of new Mauka-Mauka ad and 7-0 against India ”.  Shoaib Akhtar also threatened to return to cricket if Afridi call off his retirement.

A Pakistan fan tweeted, “Well done team, now Australia will throw India out”. The tweet was re-tweeted by 10,000 Pakistan fans including former Army general of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf .

Meanwhile, Saaed Ajmal returned home from Lahore airport itself. He was about to catch flight for Australia as replacement for Mohammad Irfan who got injured and was ruled out of the world cup. It is also speculated that Pakistan team will stay in Dubai for a month or so and then the players will return one by one to Pakistan.