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OLX in talks with the Spanish and English football teams

23, Jun 2014 By lolagain

Rio de Janeiro : In a not so shocking development, Indian online marketing giant OLX  has taken the initiative to venture into the football transfer market. Based on the recent performances in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil the coaches of the respective football teams decided, after a vociferous discussion that there could not be a better time than this to sell their stars who had failed to level up to expectations.

To make sure they get the best deals for their players Spanish National Football team Head Coach, Vincente Del Bosque contacted the OLX Marketing Head, Gaurav Mehta by sending him a jpg image of his trusted goalie Iker Casillas texting him on whatsapp, ” How much is the world’s best goalie worth ? I want nothing but the best deal .”

A pleasantly surprised Gaurav Mehta assured him that he would get nothing but the best at OLX. He was in for a further surprise when he received a call from Roy Hodgson. “Wayne Rooney is my man. I am ready to offer entire English team to you Mr. Mehta but Wayne comes with a special price tag.  I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

With the deal of his life staring at him in the face Mr.Mehta is busy negotiating with various prospective buyers including India’s Bengaluru FC. He has reportedly ordered his marketing team to work overtime as they are making deals of a lifetime and promised promotions to many eager OLX employees.

Wayne Rooney speaking exclusively to our Faking News correspondent covering the world cup in Brazil, ” The deals do not really matter to us. What really counts is the football we play at the end of the day. We need not be nasty always but surely can create more chances inside the box but blimey! I wonder how much Gareth would go for at OLX.” The rest of  the members of the English team joined in by cheering for Wayne Rooney with some of them trying to lift him and carry him on their shoulders.

” I would like to concentrate on our last fixture against Australia and then take it from there,” smiled Casillas. ” I hope we don’t disappoint our fans this time.”

“OLX!,” winked Sergio Ramos to our correspondent and ran away to join the rest of his team mates for training. The online marketing of these players has created a rage among other national football teams. With the managers of France and Italy taken a lot of interest in the latest happenings.

” We are here to stay !” admitted the captains of the German and the Dutch national teams when contacted by our correspondent.The coaches of the other national teams decided to adopt the policy of ‘wait and watch’.