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Now, Kohli to chase down SENSEX

01, Nov 2013 By joshi

In an effort to put some sort of a challenge in front of Kohli, the BCCI along with a core team of ICC has decided to put the new record mark of SENSEX as a target for Mr. Unstoppable Virat Kohli.

“It started from the humble 250s, moved onto 300s, then reached the 350s followed by 350+ targets and Kohli maximized and achieved all the targets before time. With SENSEX hitting 21,246 this time round, we expect it to pose as some sort of challenge for Kuch Bhi Chalega Kohli,” said Srinivasan after the meeting.

Kohli’s success rate in bringing down targets of all kinds has shocked the entire cricketing fraternity. His ability to score has converted him into a role model for all single men who want to LEARN TO SCORE.

Kohli responded positively to the challenge and said, “ Any target @@!#%#%!# is possible #@$#@ I don’t care what you @@#@##@@ I will @#@@#@# all of you!”

(@#$@#@#@ = language deemed unfit for FN readers)

Kohli has a new task ahead of him and it seems he is supercharged and properly prepared even for that. Will he grab the bull by its horns and ride the storm once again? We’ll see as the miracle constructs.