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November to be renamed 'Sachember' after Sachin

16, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Keeping up with the tributes and good wishes pouring in from across the world for Sachin Tendulkar, and much similar in fashion to the Government of India’s announcement of Bharat Ratna for him, the World Calendar Association have decided to honor Sachin by renaming the month of November after him. The eleventh month of the year would from now on be called Sachember.

Sachin carried on shoulders after the news.
Sachin carried on shoulders after the news.

A few hours after the news of Bharat Ratna to Sachin came in, the president of the World Calendar Association talked to Faking News and told, “We have decided to name the eleventh month after him, its our way to honor him. No doubt he is the most important person of the month right now and also this month would always be remembered as the month he retired. Therefore we dedicate this month to him which from now on will be called Sachember.”

Puttilal, one of Sachin’s great fans tells Faking news, “November is not only the month when he retired but also the month Sachin was selected to represent Mumbai in Ranji trophy in 1987, also he made his test debut against Pakistan again in November. Not only this, it was only in November when he made the record of scoring 15000 runs in test cricket and now it is the same month he is announced Bharat Ratna. Therefore, I on behalf of all Sachin fans, thank the World Calendar Association for naming the month after him and honoring our hero.”

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