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'No-ball' to be measured from knee height in India-Bangladesh series

05, Jun 2015 By shomil03

Yes! That’s the decicison taken by bcci ahead of Ind-Bang Series. The no-ball controversy that took place in 2015 cwc in the quater final clash between India-Bangladesh made the Bangladeshi supporters including their PM cry tears!

India vs Bangaldesh
This is now part of Bangladeshi history

“Rohit Sharma was judged not out because of fixing and we could have easily won the match” such comments were given by Bangladeshi supporters.

PM Modi has advised bcci to make some changes in no ball rule as he want a good relationship with the neighbors. In respect to this the BCCI has made some changes in no ball rule which would be applicable in the forthcoming series.

The BCCI has made the following changes: 1. No ball will be adjudged on knee height replacing the old rule of waist height. 2.No free hit will be given to Indian batsman as PM Modi don’t want Bangladeshi players to cry.

Bangladesh cricket board has welcome these changes & PM is celebrating believing that such things would make the relation between these two countries better.