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NGO of Cricket lovers announce "Siddhu Mukt Bharat" campaign

14, Apr 2015 By aamadmi

Mumbai. Moved by the plight the cricket lovers are facing due to ongoing commentary by Navjot Singh Siddhu, a newly formed city based NGO called Siddhu Mukt Bharat ( SMB) has decided to come to the rescue of cricket lovers.

The NGO in a conversation with Faking News said that it was the moral responsibility of the organization to save people, especially cricket lovers, from the atrocities of Siddhu. It also said they have received lakhs of letters to put Siddhu off the mike.

Siddhu with a weapon of mass destruction

Thousands of cricket lovers have reported obscenity in Siddhu’s commentry like “ball pariyon ka chumma leke aa gayi” & also comment being made on mautarmas being shown on TV.

TV Channels are also reporting huge losses in revenue as many fans have stopped watching IPL.

SMB has decided to file a PIL so that people can get respite from Siddhu, urging court to formulate guidelines for the appointment of commentators so that these kind of atrocities never happen again.

Meanwhile a major electronics company has decided to create a Televison with “siddhu supressing technology”. A police complaint has been filed to check on the authenticity of idioms he says. His diet is also under investigation.

The NGO says that the campaign had become necessary after many hospitals reported cases of deafness and depression among people exposed to Siddhu’s commentary.