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New rules for bowling to be introduced after bowlers threaten to boycott IPL

07, May 2015 By rschauhan

The International Bowlers Association (IBA) has threatened the BCCI to boycott IPL. IBA’s spokeperson said, “Our newly elected President Mr. Ishant Sharma have set up a committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Ashok Dinda to look into this matter”.

According to some members of the committee, “We need to revive bowlers’ confidence after what Gayle did to King’s XI”.

Some of the recommendations of the Dinda Committee are:

1. To provide reservations of some overs to bowling side in which only bowlers and fielders will be allowed on the field.

2. To introduce a weighted runs method in which runs scored by batsmen will be multiplied by the weights assigned to them. for eg. : If a batsmen scores 50 runs then actual score will be as follows:

Name Weight Score

Gayle    0.1         5

Dinda    1.5         75

3. The concept of economy rate must be removed and replaced by proper grading system.