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Nestle India releases statement, says hike in Maggi price due to Rohit Sharma's performances

04, May 2015 By misterp

Believe it or not, the next time you have to shell out that extra two rupee coin while buying a packet of Maggi, you have Rohit Sharma (and possibly yourself) to blame. In a recent press release, Nestle India has said that the recent hike of Maggi from Rs 10 to Rs 12 has everything to do with Rohit Sharma’s recent batting achievements.

“We have unanimously decided to increase the price of the popular breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack… (errmm… did I miss anything? No? Ok) Maggi across India”, said the spokesperson for Maggi.

Rohit’s stats

When asked the reason for this sudden price hike, when Nestle was already content with decreasing quantity of the packets, he replied, “Well, Rohit Sharma has started performing, no?”

When further asked what Rohit has to do with all this, he replied with a smug smile, “Well, we are simply cashing in on Rohit’s successes. You see, for years when Rohit was not performing, he was labelled as a ‘Maggi boy’. He used to come on crease, stay for two minutes, then get dismissed and walk back, and #Maggi used to become the top trend on social media, even though we all know that Maggi takes at least five minutes to cook! We even have reports of college students going to the shopkeeper asking for 2 Gold Flakes, 1 matchstick box and 2 packets of ‘Rohit Sharma’. Now that he is performing well, staying longer on crease, hitting double centuries in ODIs, shouldn’t the price value of Maggi be increased too?”

As reports last came in, satire media were still deleting their old jokes and fake Facebook walls about Rohit, lest the price of their staple food be increased again.