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Nehra hopeful to make a comeback in Indian team through CSK reservation quota

05, May 2015 By Ransa

What a season it has been for Veteran Ashish Nehra. Once being considered a vital player by the opposition teams for there win in the matches has become a match winner for his own team.

During the start of the current IPL season when Nehra was retained  by CSK there was sense of joy in other franchise that finally they have the chance to stop CSK, but to their disappointment this time it didn’t happen and Nehra has been on a roll.

Nehra showing how his career is going upwards

We talked to Captain of a rival IPL franchise, he said, “In general, when we see bowlers like Nehra, Dinda and Ishant in the bowling lineup of opposition team, we feel like we have an extra batsmen in our team. We are even okay to pay their salary if the opposition team include them in playing 11. This time around we went with the same expectation but Ashish Nehra is not the player he once was and now we cannot depend on him to win our matches.”

We contacted Ashish Nehra he was delighted, and said, “I am quite happy with my performance this season and this time I have landed into right franchise. If I would have performed the same in some other franchise it would have been good for the team but I wouldn’t have benefited much from it, many players give excellent performances but still their chances of getting into national team are tough as there is a lot of competition. Just like in every other field in India, in cricket also reservation plays a crucial role, having talent is not just enough. Thankfully, Now I am with CSK and with the 50% reservation quota CSK has in the Indian National Team, I am quite confident I will be able to make it into the Indian National Team.”

“He is improving his batting skills as well. when he is selected in Indian National Team he wants to contribute with bat and bowl for his team’s win,” N Srinivasn confirmed that Nehra was not day dreaming.

On deeper Probing he reveled off the record that with the kind off amazing performance Sir Ravindra Jadeja is giving over the last one year,  there might be a possibility that he will be laid off soon. There are talks that management is planning to take away his knighthood as well and he will not be a Sir anymore just Ravindra Jadeja.

“If I improve my batting little bit and combined with my bowling form I can easily replace him and make a comeback in Indian nation team,” Nehra said.

We wish all the best to Ashish Nehra. #GoNehraji