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N.Srinivasan to make dhoti the dress code for ICC meetings

24, Jul 2014 By iyerman

Reacting to TN assembly’s opposition to the dress code imposed by TNCA, N.Srinivasan has decided to make dhoti/veshti (The thing that people from north of India idiotically refer to as Lungi) as the official dress code for all TNCA meetings.

N Srinivasan
“Yes, I can”

Srini went a step ahead and has decided to apply the same for ICC meetings too. BCCI escaped the change of dress code since it only falls indirectly under Srinivasan’s control. Srinivasan told the press that the decision was made after consulting all the affiliated members and it had nothing to do with his domination over the cricketing world. The SkySports team has already issued an apology for the curse words that the Sky commentary team would be using with regards to this issue.

Tamilnadu chief minister Amma has lauded the decision and congratulated Srinivasan for spreading the Tamizh culture and values across the globe. She also is said to have suggested the ban of Sanskrit if it is spoken in any of the ICC meetings. But Srinivasan is said to have convinced her saying that a total of 57 people speak Sanskrit in the whole world and none of them are a part of ICC. Sources say that Srinivasan left the meeting with Amma in a hurry before she could bring up banning Hindi and Srilanka from ICC. The PMO too congratulated Srinivasan through their over active facebook page with a pic of Modiji wearing a dhoti.

The ICC meanwhile have reacted positively to the suggestion stating it as a welcome change. Dave Richardson, the CEO of ICC was quoted saying, “This will definitely be good for promoting cricket globally. Anything that the Super King does has to be cool.” Post making the comment, Richardson is said to have headed to the Himalayas. Meanwhile Ravi Shastri, who is seen to be moving in close circles with Srini (providing much needed relief for the viewers), is rumored to have his doctor order a 1000 Ramaraj cotton veshtis for him.

The members of TNCA aka India Cements were excited that they were in the news for reasons beyond fixing. One of the senior members told our reporter that he liked the idea a lot. He said that dhoti is used not only in south India, but also in countries like Malaysia, Singapore & Gulf countries.  He also said in wit, “Dhoni can wear it while batting too. He won’t get bowled, you see.” (We would sadly like to inform about the loss of our reporter too).