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N Srinivasan to go under the hammer for IPL'14

11, Dec 2013 By criczinger

The IPL executive committee has decided that the BCCI Secretary N Srinivasan will also be auctioned for IPL 2014.

The committee which included members from various franchises and the board  also included a person whose identity was not revealed. The committee has claimed that the decision to get him auctioned comes so early so that the teams can start building on their targets.

The committee has also called in for regulations on the bid for N Srinivasan. Teams bidding for N Srinivasan can afford to get him only at the expense of their costliest foreign player. Inspite of this, franchises felt that it was a good deal to get the man who has been vanquishing over the various seasons.

Chennai Super Kings on the other hand felt that the team still has the right balance and could keep winning tournaments. Krishnamachari Srikanth, who rejoined the club, told reporters that he had always seen Chennai Super Kings as the strongest team in the tournament and would continue to believe so. Srikanth will be the new team manager following the move.

N Srinivasan refused to make any comments on the move but a not-so-distant relative of him has told the reporters that the man was happy and would set a huge price for his track record.