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N Srinivasan to be appointed the new coach of Indian cricket team by Srinivasan himself

21, Aug 2014 By kaipulla

Chennai. The turmoil surrounding the Indian cricket team took a far more depressing turn today, with sources close to BCCI confirming that Srinivasan will be appointed as the a new head coach of the Indian team. He will be assisted by an assistant head coach, a batting coach, bowling coach and fielding coach to assist him in the running of the day-to-day affairs of the team. This decision has been welcomed by Duncan Fletcher himself, who was caught on camera rolling on the floor laughing aloud a lot after the TV interview.

N Srinivasan
“Any questions?”

Sources pointed out that the BCCI executive committee headed by Srinivasan was impressed by Srinivasan’s powerpoint presentation on his vision for the team and how he would improve the team’s results abroad. It is widely believed that the most of the presentation slides were basically different variations of the same message – ‘I can not do much worse that Fletcher’. Readers might be reminded of Srinivasan’s attempt with the similar message to get himself appointed as the Manchester United head coach earlier this year.

The Indian team which is training in London for the upcoming tour game have apparently cancelled all the training sessions this week and planning to conduct mass prayer meetings for the future of the Indian cricket. A senior player, who wants to remain anonymous, states that this recent drama is too much for the team to handle who are already suffering from acute depression following the twin blows of losing the test series and having to deal with Ravi Shashtri for the rest of the tour.

Also, in an unrelated bizarre twist of events, former players like Bedi and Vengsarkar who have been very vocal in demanding Fletcher’s removal, have backtracked and now claim that he needs to be given more time. This move has also been widely condemned by the general public and the celebrity ‘has-been’ community.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari suggested an ulterior Hindutva motive to this move. He said, “After 14 years of success under coaches from the minority community, this is a blatant un-secular move by the Modi government. This will cause great distress and hurt the religious sentiments of minorities in this country.”