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Murray's loss at Wimbledon 2014 attributed to the "Not So English" wimbledon ad on Star Sports

06, Jul 2014 By workaholicvarun

Murray the defending champion at Wimbledon 2014, crashed out of the tournament in Quarter Finals today. Murray, the Scot who brought back the trophy home after around 70 long years, had the entire nation’s hopes pinned on to him. Literally.

Britain’s performance at Wimbledon had deteriorated so much over the years that the Brits (of all the other players) chose to support Andy Murray, even though they knew he was not as legendary as the legendary Fred Perry. Not even close. They put up with his antics, his girlfriend’s theatrics, his mother’s dramatics. They supported him through thick and thin during the 2013 championships. Brits wanted the trophy back desperately in 2013. It is almost like you are inviting a host of other countries into your country and for 70 years someone else runs away with your trophy. Its like you can’t eat your own cake on your own birthday? They are aware of the proverb ‘You cant have the cake and eat it too. Same thing if you translate here it would sound funny. Like – You cant host the tournament and win it too.

Despite all this history and pressure to defend the title, Murray started off well this June 2014, winning the initial rounds easily. So what made Murray lose his home tournament which he was defending so famously?

Our sports correspondent from WWC, ‘Ms. Gridlock Lawns’, brings us the latest ‘insider info’ on this big loss. She is not willing to reveal the couch secrets of how she got Murray’s secret interview.

Lawns:  Murray, truly disappointing loss. How are you going to face your fellow countrymen on the streets from tomorrow?

Murray:  I will send my body double out there for a few weeks, test the waters you know.

Lawns:  Tell me Andy, what was the reason behind this loss?

Murray:  Ms. Lawns, I will be honest with you. I get to hear from a lot of my friends and fans that my girlfriend looks amazing during the match. You see I cant check her out when I am playing. So I wanted to check her out on TV this time. I switched on the television to watch the repeat of day 7. I was astounded to see the ad “NOT SO ENGLISH” on star sports. I was like “Is this a joke?” Of course it is ENGLISH. I am the defending champion and I am English right? Then it occurred to me that I was not at all being considered as a strong contender this year. This feeling grew upon me. I started to believe maybe it is not ENGLISH after all. I slipped into depression and that’s when you came to ease it and we sat on the couch and …

Lawns:  Ok, lets stop there. Your answer was pretty convincing and self explanatory. We will miss your ‘Drama Queen’ antics in semis and finals this year. I have one last question though. Why do you keep touching your ankle whenever you lose a point.

Murray:  You see, from my childhood, whenever I lose a point my mom would count those points and used to hit me with a cane when I went home. She used to hit me exactly on my ankle. She hit me so many times that even today, after so many years, it still feels that she is hitting me with a cane for every point I lose.

Lawns:  That’s a lot for our readers to prowl upon. Thanks a lot for the deep insights Murray. We will meet you at the US Open.