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Mumbai man files PIL to rename IPL to IEL - Indian Entertainment League

29, May 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A cricket, and more particularly IPL, devotee filed a PIL today to rename IPL to Indian Entertainment League (IEL). The PIL has been filed in the larger interest of the shortest version of the game, B.C. Chandra from Mumbai told Faking News.

“All my life, I have watched cricket for the entertainment value and in recent times cannot stand to observe match-fixing charges playing spoil sport intruding into the 4 hours of unadulterated entertainment,” he said.

“For me, a silly point is not a point worth talking about and the night watchman is the guy who stays at the gates long after the match is completed and everyone has left the stadium. I don’t know any extensive rules of the game and limit myself to enjoy the game chanting fours or sixes or giggle at dropped catches. This match fixing allegations do not allow me to enjoy the game anymore as everyone keeps commenting on every six or a four. This has to stop now!” BCC complained to Faking News.

“See, the entire world watches WWE. Do you know that it used to be called WWF and not WTF? We all know it is fake fight. Kids love it. I love it. Why don’t we do the same thing for IPL and rename it to IEL? Then guys do not have to worry about if there is or there isn’t a towel here or towel there or whether a bowler bent down to touch his own feet twice prior to bowling a short ball.”

“There will no more be IPL results getting published along with the fixtures during the opening ceremony. There will not be Tweeter trends on fixing matches which outnumbers even the number of times our political leaders make foreign trips. IPL players, bless their heart for the entertainment, can invite whomever they want to their private parties or to their dressing rooms. Don’t you think they need some entertainment too, fixed or not?” BCC batted for both batsmen and bowlers alike.

“With the tag entertainment attached to the league, whatever happens at the game goes legal. For me, I just want to enjoy the game having legitimate excitement watching cheerleaders dance with no strings attached – only fun intended and no pun intended,” BCC recapped when Faking News asked what exactly he wants to achieve by filing this PIL.