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Mumbai guy set ablaze for not knowing Sachin

09, Jul 2014 By dilfake

Little did Navin Patil expect what was to come when he made a casual remark saying he didn’t know Sachin Tendulkar.

In a ‘Sharapova Sharam Karo’ aandolan being taken out by Mumbai residents, hundreds of Sachin fans took to the streets wearing Sachin masks and denouncing Sharapova’s remarks. When the mob reached Ghatkopar, Navin Patil, an NRI from Washington, asked them surprisingly, “Why is this strike going on? Is it because of the vulgar anti-social sounds Sharapova makes while playing?” A youth from the group said, “This is because Sharapova doesn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar is. How can she know Beckham, but not Sachin? How many ODI World Cups has Beckham won for his country huh?”

Navin shrugged and said, “Whats with Sachin Tendulkar man? Who’s he?”

Disbelief and shock ran amock. A scintillating silence swept through the crowd.

Suddenly, a guy from the crowd emptied a petrol bottle on him and set him ablaze! The crowd cheered as Navin was fluttering in fire like a half burnt paper.

In no time police reached the spot and saved the man. After knowing the real reason, the police too emptied the petrol from their bike on him and set him ablaze again. Our correspondent had the chance to speak to one of the mobsters. When asked about the ghastly incident, the captain of the mob stepped in front and said, “It is unjustified that an Indian doesn’t know Sachin. Sachin is our God, the whole nation should know about him, including NRI, SBI, FBI, CSI, everyone,” and continued shouting  the ‘Sachiiiin…Sachin!’ chants.

Our reporter had the chance to ask him a few more questions. “When did Sachin hit his last ODI century?” The mobster thought for a few seconds  and replied confusingly, “All of Sachin’s centuries are best.”

One last question was asked, “Who is the captain of India’s national football team?” The mobster, clearly frustrated now, looked at our reporter, then signalled his eyes to the petrol bottle in his hand and continued with his ‘Sachiiiin…Sachin!’ chants, only getting louder and angrier this time. Taking a clue of the dangerous situation, our reporter had to flee the place.