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MS Dhoni writes to the President of S Africa Cricket Board

17, Dec 2013 By fenku2

It is understood from reliable sources that after reading the communication sent by the leader of the AAP to the Presidents of the 2 major political parties, Indian team skipper MS Dhoni has contacted the S Africa Cricket Board and put forward following conditions before going ahead with the Test Matches :

– That no one will bowl at his batsmen at speeds in excess of 50 kmph. – That no S African fielder will stop any shots that will be hit by his team’s batsmen. Especially by Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and R Jadeja. – That no fielder will make any effort to accept any catch that may be offered. – That balls going to the boundary will be left alone and no effort will be made to run out any batsman. – That the S African Captain/wicket keeper will stand at least 200 meters away from the wicket to rule out any possibility of stumping. – That no appeals will be made for dismissing any of the batsmen, particularly the 11th batsman.

Shri Dhoni has asked the Board to state their position on all these issues within 7 days . He said that thereafter , he will consult the 1.25 billion fans for their opinion in the true spirit of the game, as he would not like them to feel let down for reposing their faith in him.

He has assured the fans that a decision- to play or not to play further cricket matches – will be taken within 3 days thereafter and communicated to the Governor of S Africa Cricket Board, N.Srinivasan.