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Modi's extempore speech inspires team India to go unprepared for last test

19, Aug 2014 By onesidedargument

Drawing inspiration from Mr.Modi’s extempore Independence Day speech, team India goes for the 5th test unprepared.

“What we did was truly patriotic, we should be appreciated but what we got is nothing more than blatant criticism,” said team India batting coach “Nonexi stingh” (t being silent here).

That was an impromptu speech, and he is being extolled for the same. We thought if we can win the test match without preparation, fans will forget our recent fiascoes and we may even get the appreciation that Mr. Modi got, said one of team top order batsman; who refused to disclose his name.

It was the patriotism that runs through the veins of Indian people in the week of Independence Day that helped us in taking away credit from English players. We gave away our wickets by ourselves so that English won’t claim any credit for the same, adds another top order batsman.

Protests erupted from left-over congress cadre, after learning that it was I-Day speech which has embroiled team India into the recent debacle. People have come out to streets in numbers to protest against the speech, and asking for resignation of Mr.Modi for causing embarrassment to Indian cricket fans.

When we asked for comment of one of the BCCI official on this matter, it seemed they are indeed happy with what players have done. You expect the citizen to follow the footsteps of their beloved prime minister, these may be stars on any other day but mere citizens when it comes to national festivals, he stressed.

Masthan bhai (name changed up on request), a chaiwala who supplies tea to the BCCI headquarters, gave away some excerpts from BCCI recent meeting. We are shocked to present that BCCI may soon manufacture cricket pitches and sell them to different cricket playing nations including England and Australia. It seems like they have taken Mr.Modi’s “manufacture here and sell anywhere” words literally.