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Messi's world cup performance secret revealed

30, Jun 2014 By rajeevr

Brazil: In a sensational interview, Messi credited his amazing world cup performance to the blessings of Komal baba.

“I was worried that my world cup performances earlier wasn’t as good as my stint in Barcelona,” Messi told reporters after 3-2 win against Nigeria in group round.

In reply to a question, Messi confirmed approaching Komal baba, “I was just flipping channels one day and saw the Komal baba program in TV, I was so impressed that I called his office immediately and was told that since I wasn’t eating Samosa, the blessing was not coming. So now I eat one samosa before the match and you all can see the difference.”

Sources are also confirming that a major noodles company Saggi has been given contracts to supply daily samosa to Messi. Saggi is reportedly planning to close its noodles business and concentrate on Samosa only.

Sources also telling that Portugal superstar Ronaldo too was approached by Komal baba to eat Hyderabadi Biriyani but he refused as he found it too spicy. After his ouster from world cup, Ronaldo has hired a top Indian chef for his daily dose of Biriyani. “Can’t take chances with my game as I have already suffered enough,” sources close to Ronaldo confirmed him telling to his manager. Ronaldo is also considering attending Komal Darbar after the world cup ends.

“I feel fresh and rejuvenated attending Komal Darbar and it will be an amazing experience attending it with Ronaldo and Messi,”  told Virendra Sehwag  to news channels confirming the development .

“This is all conspiracy against me,”  said the rival Ghanchakkar baba , “ People forget that Messi’s original name was Mesi  and it was I who suggested adding an extra  ‘s ‘ to his name and I feel  ignored and sad that my contribution was not mentioned.”

Ghanchakkar baba is considering suing Messi for breach of contract.