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Meet this uncle from Chennai who blames IPL for ruining Cricket but never misses even its highlights

12, May 2015 By manithan

Chennai: India has its share of interesting characters. And when it comes to supporters of sports or political party or celebrities, their rants and praises are fun to hear and laugh at. We met one such Uncle from Chennai via our sources. He never misses any IPL (Indian Premier League) match and watches even highlights, but curses IPL for ruining cricket, rest of the day.

Uncle Chandru (44) is an accountant in a private firm in Chennai. Apart from typing with one finger at time at his computer office, trying to enter and re-enter and re-re-enter values in Excel XP, he spends the rest of his time at office bashing the players who don’t play as per his wish. Everytime Chennai Super Kings loses, his voice would be the most heard in the office canteen, “This Dhoni baduva always takes risks and shoots up my BP. See how he horribly lost the match which he could have won. He should have used namma (our) Ashwin instead of Negi dhrogi (traitor)” and most of his curd rice were spotted on shirt of Sekar sitting opposite him.

Our country has Chandrus at every home, who watch IPL matches in entirety and abuse that version for the rest of their day.
Our country has Chandrus at every home, who watch IPL matches in entirety but abuse that version for the rest of their day.

Back at home, Chandru never misses the 8 PM match, though he watches the 4 PM match in a barber shop opposite to his office. His son Badri described to us how he prepares himself for the night match. Badri said, “Everyday during an IPL season, Dad will be cursing Lalit Modi and BCCI for ruining Cricket by bringing in IPL. He will be roaming across the room shouting abuses at each IPL team owner while the Extra Innings remain in Mute mode in our TV. He would curse all sponsors for ruining a precious game and for spoiling players with money. He would then bang his fist at walls and would shout at Ganesh-Muruga photos on wall praying to them to give good mind to people involved with IPL. He would then comment on our culture spoilt by cheerleaders. But, all these happen only until 7:59 PM.”

“Exactly at 8PM, he would turn volume into maximum and will turn off lights to watch the match. He will not even miss single ball. Once, he ate seed of mango while watching final overs and drank Dettol kept for cleaning purpose, thinking of it as water, when CSK was chasing in the finals. Such is his craze for IPL matches. He will not even miss highlights of 2008 IPL matches.”, concluded his son Badri.

While leaving, he said, “We have to sleep by 11.15 PM. Immediately, after the match gets over, he will go back to Arnab mode and start accusing players of fixing and will start the cycle of abusing IPL, till the next match starts.”