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Massa's pre-race candid interview interpreted

24, Jun 2014 By ajayv2020
About Family: Massa “Got a wife and kid, my wife is a little shy of the media and all the limelight, my son is already getting interested in cars and racing. . He knows the names and cars of ever driver in the grid.. he is learning fast”
Interpretation: “My wife is embarrassed by the way I drive and keep crashing.. she avoids the media to answer delicate questions about my stupidity.. My son knows the names and cars of every other driver on the grid, he doesn’t consider me as a driver, he is learning fast..”
About Superstition: Massa “Laughs.. well I got some silly practices,  I always get in to the car with my right foot, wear my right gloves and right shoes first.. I always pray before a race for my safety and yes for the safety of others.. If I had a good day in qualifying I tend to do the exact same things the next day, like use the same underwear. . Hehe.. “
Interpretation: “Laughing.. you are kidding right, my car is driven on superstition.. I do everything related to right first cause one half of my brain is always shutdown.. I pray for myself and others cause I never know when I will decide to take someone out and crash.. and ya I spend a lot on underwear cause I shit myself every time I hit someone or something,  so on the days I dont I reuse it to save some costs…hehe”
If not in F1 then? : Massa “I love football, would have loved to be a football player.. but unfortunately I dont have talent.. I mean I play football but dont have talent to play it professionally”
Interpretation: “If not in F1 I will be a ball boy in football cause thats the talent I have..”