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Martin Guptill's ancestry found. He is an Indian!

23, Mar 2015 By shane

Varanasi: There is no doubt that all people in this world are somewhat connected to Hinduism. The famous politician SuSu Swamy has explained about it many times. This time too he came with some revelation about the recent World Cup events.

He claimed that New Zealand cricket team opener Martin Guptill’s ancestry rooted to India. Martin Guptill recently broke World Cup record of Highest individual score in World Cup, 237* against West Indies.

Martin Guptill
Martin Guptill is happy after realizing his ancestry

In the past too he came with many revelations with evidence to prove his theory. Now he is closely observing the World Cup matches too.

He said, “Martin Guptill’s real name is Maruti Gupta. He was born in India, raised by a Hindu  Gupta family. His childhood name was ‘Marutan’ and not Martin as world says. He used to move his hands in the air since childhood, hence his father decided to name him ‘Marutan’, which means ‘Wind’. Later the name shrinked to ‘Maruti’ in respect of the Hanuman , who is son of God of Wind. You see, he loves playing balls in the air.”

“It was the power and blessings of Shri Hanuman which let Maruti to hit Double Hundred in World Cup and all his sixes were tribute to the great Hanuman. But some missionaries snatched him from them, and he spend his rest of life in New Zealand,” he concluded, adding that  he was going to file an FIR in Supreme Court soon for the Ghar Wapsi of Maruti Gupta from New Zealand.

In the past, his attempts to make Ghar Wapsi of Krishna Goyal (Chris Gayle) and  Dheeran Swamy (Darren Sammy) was failed. He dropped the plan after West Indies’ ouster from World Cup. Now he will try to convince Maruti to come and ‘Make In India’.