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Manchester United reinstates David Moyes

02, Sep 2014 By alokal

In a dramatic turn of events, Manchester United had reinstated David Moyes as the manager of the ailing football club. This development comes hours after their super star coach ‘Van Gaal’ names Wayne Roony as the Captain of the team. Roony who has been a disappointment from soon after he started kicking the ball, was so shocked by this news that he took to twitter, mentioning that “Van gaal has lost it” (sic).

Moyes, who was blamed for the Man utd’s disastrous last season, is now been looked upon as a savior, with temples of him constructed in pubs across the globe. An ardent Man Utd supporter/software engineer ‘Guru’ from Bangalore was heard saying that he failed to realize the value of Moyes. A stint with ‘Van Gaal’, has jolted him back to reality.

The way premier league season has begun for the club, in all possibility the club was staring at relegation. The insiders feel that the reinstatement of Moyes, will pull them to tenth or eleventh, the position, where the club truly belongs.

A visibly relieved Van Gaal, who was ‘ceremoniously’ thorn out of Old Trafford, told reporters, that managing this overrated club has been a successful mission.  This statement is bound to raise some eyebrows around various IT complexes in Bangalore.

As Moyes takes back control of the club, some critics assert that the club will never regain the heights of the 2013-14 season. As hundreds of fan across the world will watch the season unfold with bated breath, ready to switch their loyalties to Arsenal.