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Manchester United coach looking at BJP to solve "Right Wing" problems

20, Jul 2015 By amilbhatnagar

Manchester United has come out strong in their transfer window with key signings like Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Darmian Matteo. However, issues regarding right wing remain pertinent. After having considered other options, Louis Van Gaal will now be seeking the help of BJP and RSS to help improve their right wing.

“Our philosophy is to build a holistic team,” said Louis Van Gaal, when asked about his vision for the team.

The Right Approach!

“I am not denying there a lot of world class players in different leagues. But people like Amit Shah, Subramanian Swamy present a new ray of hope for the coming generations. We initially believed in the policy of ‘Make in United’. But most of our Academy players became natural on the left. And that can be very radical for any team,” added LVG.

The accountant and Executive VC Ed Woodward is reportedly in talks with Lalit Modi to understand the method and budget of buying BJP players. Lalit Modi was unavailable for the comment as he was busy handling the transfer season deadline set by the Enforcement Directorate.

Meanwhile, there has been a buzz in the BJP campaign regarding the sudden interest of the English team. HRD Minister Tulsi Virani was heard saying, “I can bet my degree that Subramanian Swamy is a better right winger than Antonio Valencia.”

Amit Shah addressed the media persons last evening, after an unprecedented number of requests. “We are very excited about Van Gaals’s proposal. The reason behind our demand is because our tactics are unique. We believe in domination and supremacy and erase anyone that comes in our path. That kind of attitude is what gets you the majority wins,” said Amit Shah.

The fans have taken quite a liking to the news as well. Posters that read “Manchester is Saffron” can be seen in a lot of places. Reportedly, the new player will don the no. 280 jersey.