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Man talking about Olympics was heckled during 1st IPL Match

07, Apr 2017 By RT

Hyderabad. A man was heckled during the 1st IPL match on Wednesday, for talking about Olympics during the match, it was learnt by Faking News.

“Unlike IPL, the country renews the interest in Olympics only once in 4 years. Someone talking about Olympics is unacceptable, within 1 year after the games. Talking about Olympics during an IPL match is unpatriotic and almost considered as treason by Indians! It’s not IPL, man!”, told one of the hecklers to our reporter.

Don't I have freedom of Expression?
Don’t I have freedom of Expression?

“It was a routine match with a routine crowd but with extraordinary enthusiasm exhibited by the fans of the game during both the innings. Suddenly, this guy appears from nowhere and talks about Olympics. We all got angry. Even the Olympics coaches talk about it only during the year of the games. So, we chased this guy away before he would get thrashed by a bunch of fanatical cricket fans!”, another guy explained how they saved this traitor from potential life threatening danger.

“Listen! How many Indians know the names of the Olympics medal winners from 2016, other than the BPL player P.V.Sindhu? Ask any guy here or outside this stadium! They will know the entire 15 member squad of their favourite IPL team; a few can tell accurately their batting averages with a comment on the current form. When our national sports is played in the most entertaining format, this guy suddenly talking about Olympics was shocking to us. We didn’t pay for this non-sense!”, another heckler added in.

The 3 guys work in the same company and rarely miss each other’s company during IPL matches, it was learnt by faking news. From the description given by the heckler team, the reporter tracked down the heckled, for his quick comment. “I just watched Dangal in TV and wanted to talk about the movie and for some reason I said Olympics and these guys jumped on me!”, the man was almost in tears.

Just to bring him back to normal mood, faking news reporter suggested a topic for his next stadium visit for an IPL match – Kohli vs Sachin! who is great?