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Man sells wedding gifts, claims Sachin inspired him

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Hyderabad. Ramesh Rajan, a wealthy businessman who deals in no-one-knows-what and small time actor, was married last week to a wealthy girl (who is older than him) last week. As with one and a half billion Indians, he too is known to be a Sachin Tendulkar fanatic.

Ramesh had been presented with a lot of gifts for his marriage, including a Lamborghini Aventador he had received from his father-in-law from abroad. Although the Indian Government had turned down his request to waive the import duty on the Aventador, Ramesh still accepted the gift because his father-in-law had arranged to pay for it too.

And when Sachin Tendulkar retired from all International cricket recently, Ramesh, like the media and others, felt the pressing need to do something that paid a fitting tribute to him for service he had rendered to the nation by putting bat to ball.

After considerable thought, he arrived at the decision to sell all his wedding gifts, including his Aventador. However, his friends and relatives, not knowing that this was a tribute to Sachin, began to frown upon this action of his and insinuated to him that this was not a nice thing to do.

“My love for cars is well known to all my friends and relatives and they thought my decision to sell it, within a week of getting it, amounted to insulting my father-in-law. But what do they know about my love for Sachin?”, he told a reporter.

“Too bad it wasn’t a 360 Modena, let alone a Ferrari.”

“It is for this simple reason that one cannot replicate his actions that one can never be Sachin Tendulkar. But hey, his middle name is my first name. Thank God (Sachin) for that. In fact, I married my wife only after getting it confirmed that she was older than me.”