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Man goes in coma after seeing Rohit Sharma's name in Indian T20 squad

20, Mar 2014 By Anup Apasangi

Soon after the announcement of Indian squad for T20 World Cup, a man goes in coma by seeing Rohit Sharma’s name in the squad. Sources reveal that the unknown man is nephew of Suresh Raina.

Meanwhile Arvind Kejriwal accused Rohit Sharma of being an  Ambani agent, ironically Rohit is also captain of Mumbai Indians owned by Neeta Ambani.

Furious Kejriwal said, “I would rather listen to Kumar Vishwas shayari than watch Rohit Sharma bat.”  He announced that there will be a protest against Rohit sharma and it will be named  “Rohit Hatavo, Cricket Bachavo“.

AAP supporter were seen shouting slogans like ‘What goes and comes back is called Karma and what goes and comes back in two minute is called Rohit Sharma.’

Kejriwal also accused Gavaskar and Shastri of being Ambani agents, and said these commentators are paid by Ambani for saying Rohit is a talented batsmen.

Further Kejriwal said that Ashutosh is more talented batsman than Rohit Sharma and he accused Modi of hypocrasy. “Modi is saying that Gujarat has developed but where are the Gujarati cricketers like Pathan brothers, Parthiv, Munaf patel.”

He also insisted on introuducing CricketPal bill where in players like Sharma will not be allowed to play cricket.

When faking news spoke to Rahul Gandhi, he said, “We need to empower Rohit and shift him to womens’ Cricket, where in he can do wonders”.

Due to the huge publicity for Rohit, Maggie has renewed 2 more years of contract with Sharma.