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Mallyas move to Dharavi after selling their mansion to pay salaries to IPL players

07, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

With pressure mounting from players’ lobby  to clear their outstanding payments of the last 2 seasons and add to that the expensive purchases in this year’s auction, Vijay Mallya has decided to sell off their property in Bangalore and shift to a newly purchased slum dwelling in Dharavi in order to clear all his debt from the balance money.

Ever since their Airline ran into financial trouble, Mallyas have been rather moderate in their spendings, but this is certainly a big development. Though Siddharth Mallya is yet to come to terms with reality, he too understands the gravity of situation and has offered to contribute by selling his Black Berry phone.

His father has promised to get him a Nokia phone in return through his contacts in Indian Archaeological department. This will also relieve Mallya Scion of undue trouble arising due to girls bothering him for his BB Pin.

Mallya seen arguing with hawkers over rising prices of vegetables.

Mallya jostling to find a place for himself in a crowded local train.

Known not to compromise on their lifestyle, a small pond formed out of water clogged due to persistent Mumbai rains is acting as their swimming pool where they are seen chilling after a hard day’s work with other slum kids. Mallya Jr has also given up all fancy sports like golf, snookers etc and instead is now seen chasing deflated tyres with other kids. For commuting in suburbs Mallyas have decided to live up to their reputation and are seen using chartered rickshaws.

Capitalizing on his liquor selling experience Mallya Sr has also taken up a job of a bartender at one of the many Dance Bars and Restaurants in Thane. Now that all his vintage cars will be taken away and auctioned, Mallya is also doubling up as a parking incharge in same restaurant to keep his passion for cars alive.

However, Mallyas are just not ready to give up their partying habits and will continue to let their hair down by inviting all slum dwellers and getting drenched in desi tharra. The hottest maids from the neighbourhood will also come to these parties (provided Shiney Ahuja is not in the vicinity). Mallya will also continue to shoot his calendars with these maids on his Nokia mobile’s VGA camera.

Mallya Jr playing with his new friends

Mallya Jr milking cow to feel good.

In other news Deepika Padukone has zeroed in on her new bakra, err boyfriend, while Kingfisher Airlines employees are wondering when will they get their pending salaries.