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Mallya to sell Yuvraj on OLX

07, May 2014 By HP

Bangalore: Yuvraj Singh, India’s key player in last month’s Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup win, is to be sold on OLX later this month.

Sources say that Vijay Mallya, owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore, has taken this extreme step after watching yesterday’s match.

Kohli Ishant Yuvraj
Yuvi reacting to the news.

In the late night press conference, the visibly sober millionaire said, “Look I have to do this to put an end to the sufferings this great batsman is facing in the hands of unknown bowlers. Even Ishant Sharma was economical against him in the previous match. That is the heights of insults. So this has to end.”

When asked why selling him instead of just dropping, he said, ” I am a businessman too. I have to pay my staff their salaries. Where will I get money to pay them. Rs. 14.00 Crores is a big money and I have get something in return. That’s why.”

Yuvraj Singh’s father has said that his son has been betrayed by everyone. He said, “They took him to a photo shoot. I thought its for a commercial. Even Preity Zinta was there. But now I realize its for the photo to be posted in OLX. Very disappointing.”

Meanwhile eBay India Director said that he was unhappy about Mallya not approaching them first. He said, “We get these sorts of requests on a daily basis from several teams. We are working with Sunrisers for selling two of their players. Mallya should have come to us.”

When asked who the sunrisers players were, he declined to name Ishant Sharma & Amit Mishra.

In the meanwhile, Yusuf Pathan and Nehra were seen in a photo shoot near Chennai with Amazon Managing Director in the vicinity.