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Long queues seen in front of Chinnaswamy stadium to cancel the tickets for the 5th day of the match

06, Mar 2017 By RT

Bangalore. Long queues were seen in front of the Chinnaswamy stadium, in the erstwhile garden city to cancel the tickets for the 5th day of the test match between India and Australia. ‘Going by the score at stumps on day 2, we are almost certain that the match will get over on the day 4. What can we do with the day 5 tickets?’, a few were seen commenting while standing at the long queue.

Again mad rush for cricket
Again mad rush for cricket

“Test matches used to be pure fun for purists of the game like me. It is this form of cricket which needs chess like calculation, tennis like precision and shuttle like finesse. I am stumped at the stumps on day 2. Actually, I was more stumped at the stumps on day 1. Earlier, I used to look at the next day’s entry pass with such fondness, looking forward to another day of genius of a test match. Now, with every passing day, I calculate the money that I am going to lose due to the matches getting over in 3 days or 4 days”, an ardent fan of cricket and a purist told Faking News.

“My boss is a cricket freak. He never grants leave for anything other than cricket matches. Whenever a match gets scheduled at Chinnaswamy stadium, I feel happy that I can enjoy at least 3 days of leave and stay away from the office. Now, I think I may have to go back to work on Tuesday or Wednesday. Damn the curators! Damn the Indian team! Damn whoever is responsible for this!”, a man sounded very angry at the personal loss due to the low scoring test matches in this series.

“We have arranged for additional security in and around the stadium. The queues are getting longer and even during the demonetization, we have not seen such long queues. Sure, this is not going to affect the traffic in the city. However, we are on high alert due to the intelligence report that the test match may get over on Monday, day 3 itself”, a police official on duty told Faking News.

Faking News correspondent left not revealing the weather forecast of a thunderstorm possibly washing out the match, making it difficult for the people in the queue to get any money from the stadium administration.