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Lodha Committee disappointed as Dhoni stepped down as Captain without its permission; Yograj Singh the happiest

05, Jan 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Virtually controlling the state of affairs of Indian Cricket Board, Supreme Court’s Lodha Committee has expressed its disappointment over sudden announcement made by MS Dhoni of renunciation of his Captainship from ODI and T20 team.

The committee has been making various recommendations to the board regarding its administration and functioning. The number of directives issued by it will soon equate the number of notifications and guidelines RBI has made post demonetization.

"What is this MSD? Only we have the right of rusticating people", exclaims Lodha Committee.
“What is this MSD? Only we have the right of rusticating people”, exclaims Lodha Committee.

Speaking to Faking News, a source (who once used to be vice-captain of his gully Cricket team) from the committee said, “We are hell bent to get the control of the management as well as of the team. Whatever happens related to Cricket shall be as per our wish. MSD stepped down on his own without even informing us. It’s we to decide who should be the President of the Board and who shouldn’t. Who should be the Captain of the team and who shouldn’t. Who should be retiring and who should be resigning. This decision of his has left us fuming as he didn’t act as per our directions. We are now looking forward to freeze petrol supply to him so that he has a hard time refueling his bikes.”

While the Lodha committee has expressed disappointment, there is another man on this planet who is having a ball.

Yograj Singh, who has often criticized Dhoni for sidelining his son Yuvraj, is once celebrating the decision as a New Year Eve. He was also seen outside a Virat Kohli’s residence with a bouquet in his hand.

According to Yograj’s friends, he has now resumed traveling via helicopters that he stopped using since Dhoni has been leading the Indian side.