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Letter of English cricket chairman leaked after Pieterson's book leak

09, Oct 2014 By khakshar

After the launch of  the book KP- The Autobiography by Kevin Pieterson , the English cricket has entered a Red Moon phase. Every other English team Cricketer seems to be red faced . Captain Cook was heard last explaining that the uniforms of India Team were much better ironed even after India’s 3-1 test loss this summer.

In an internal letter the English Cricket Chairman has stated the real reasons for not allowing English Players to be part of IPL or Champions League. Faking News is in the possession of the letter. It says that English cricketers don’t need to go to India to learn . The Cricketers have learnt much more while staying home. Taking a cue from the then upcoming  “Sawchch Abhiyan” , Captain Cook’s primary concern was the Ironing and Cleanness of uniforms even after England was 4-0 down in last Ashes.

The letter also highlights  on how three of his team members had access to KP’s Parody account . The Chairman says that the players have learnt from Intra-party Politics of India. The umpteen CM aspirants of various Parties use this method to prepare a level  playing field for each other. One can have a look at various FB accounts of  “A,B or C for CM” in Uttar Pradesh.

The letter also says that the real reason for English Cricketers urinating on Oval Pitch in 2013 was inspired by Indian Politicians. In order to reduce the workload of Grounds staff and to pay gratitude , the act of watering on Pitch was performed. Just before the incident an Indian state CM aspirant had tried to enact a similar action as a remedy to Drought . Dry Canals were to be filled by him and his followers so that distraught farmers could irrigate their land.

Lastly the letter stresses that like Indian Politician’s gate keepers , the English keepers have a keen ear and tongue. Indian gate-keepers are known for their cooking up stories in absence of one to keep Information flowing. In time of little happenings , keepers have to cook up and spice it too . After all they function as eyes and ears of Indian Political Parties and English Team Administration.