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Lacking teeth in the bowling department, the Indian cricket team looks to hire Luis Suarez

18, Aug 2014 By oxygen007

In one of the most shocking transfer news, BCCI is looking to bid for Luis Suarez to add teeth to India’s flailing bowling attack.

India has been comprehensively outplayed in the current test match series against England. Although cricket pundits have blamed the batsmen, TV commentators have come out all guns blazing against the docile, incompetent and most importantly toothless Indian bowlers.

India’s most talented batsman and IPL bully, Purohit Sharma, has been scathing with his attack against his bowlers saying that it becomes exceedingly difficult to score runs the moment the opposition team crosses 200 in a test match, a score that will win you most matches in the IPL. Purohit Sharma goes on record to say that Luis Suarez will be a welcome addition to the team and his predatory instincts will come in handy against the English in the current Test and One Day series.

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is no stranger to attacking on field play. In fact, it was him biting Chelsea’s Brailnslav Ivonovic that effectively ended Chelsea’s premier league campaign. He further went on to bite his Italian opponent Giorgio Chiellini at the FIFA world cup, ending their world cup journey. Suarez has maintained silence on the potential move but has always been open to any opportunity, which will allow him to bite an English opponent.

Biting Suarez

Suarez is currently serving a 10-match ban for biting the Italian defender. Hence, the short-term move will be extremely helpful for him, given he must keep his teeth in pristine condition for his new season with FC Barcelona. If hired, Suarez will spend majority of his 4-month ban touring England along with the Indian cricket team. Though not confirmed, BCCI will also look to bring in excellent back-room staff, most notably top dentists to take care of Suarez’s teeth during his stay.

In addition to the back-room staff, BCCI will have to flex its financial muscles to get any kind of deal with Suarez. Though, sources close to BCCI Head, Niranjan Krinivasan, have confirmed that Srilanka has already agreed to play a one day series to generate revenue to fund the move.

The only self-proclaimed knight of the Indian cricket team Harvindra Jadeja has come out in complete support of such a move. Jadeja, who has been a voracious supporter of sledging and tough tackling in cricket, goes on record to say that he will create enough opportunities to help Suarez use his skills. The move has sent chills through the English cricket team. James Randerson, who shares Jadeja’s sentiment, says he is a little scared and may keep his hands off the Indians now on.

Jadeja and Anderson

While Suarez’s role is yet not clear, he could make his appearance as a substitute fielder in the India-England series. Sources close to BCCI also said that, the Indian cricket board could use its financial muscle to force ICC to change the extra runner rule, which in turn will allow Suarez to be used as a daemonic presence on the pitch.