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Kohli will be allowed to wear his blue jersey in tests in order to reignite his aggression

22, Aug 2014 By onesidedargument

BCCI claims to have found the solution to bring Kohli back to form, and will be using the same blue jersey regardless of the format. “Yes, our disaster management team has found the solution, we are planning to exempt Kohli from wearing white jersey for test matches. We are sure that this will certainly bring him back to form,” told the BCCI official spokes person Jagannarayan. When asked about whether Rohit sharma also to be tested in same way, he replied “no comments”.

Virat Kohli
A passionate Kohli

Some Indian female fans are already welcoming this idea, one of the fan spoke to our team and said, “Kohli is my favorite cricketer, I so don’t like to see him the white clothes, blue suits him better”. While Indian fans are happy with the developments in bringing Kohli back to form, Pakistan fans didn’t seem to like the same. There were protests in Lahore and Islamabad, people who are claiming to be Shahid Afridi fans seen protesting in Kashmir also. When asked about the reason for protest they said, “we don’t like this favoritism, it clearly shows India’s imperialism and influence in world cricket. If this was Shahid Afridi, who have been in bad form since his debut in test cricket, would ICC also allow him to wear green pants? If not the whole jersey of Pakistan.”

Dr.Ravi sastri kandula, a behavioral pattern scientist thinks it’s really a wonderful idea to test out. “When I observed Kohli’s behavioral pattern over the last few weeks, it is very surprising. He hardly ever used words MC or BC, not just that its been ages since he got into a fight with fellow player, be it in the team or opposition. It clearly reflected in his batting technique, soft and sweet!!” he explained.

“When I plotted his number of on field abusive words per every match in the recent test series, it was mere straight line parallel to x-axis and it continuously deteriorated over the time. Where as in ODI’s it is drastically increasing as the series progresses,” he added. “The plot sheds some light on the root cause of his failure, the white jersey. It’s proven fact that people behavior gets affected by their clothing, I hope this exemptions brings out the best in Kohli,” he exclaims.