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Kings XI cheerleaders go on strike due to continuous hitting by Maxwell

25, Apr 2014 By varunksharma

Sharjah. Here on a rare event in IPL, King XI cheerleaders have gone on a indefinite strike due to continuous hitting by Maxwell. They have demanded more money from their manager and Kings XI.

“Our manager had told us that we have to cheer for Kings XI Punjab this time who have never performed in last many seasons. We had in mind that we will have to dance less. But here, we are dancing on every second delivery,” ¬†said a cheerleader, Juicy while calming her breathe.

Making cheerleaders dance to his shots.
Making cheerleaders dance to his shots.

“Last time i was cheering for RCB, i had lost 12 KG in that season due to Gayle and thought to gain that back by cheering for Kings XI this time. But here, I have lost another 2.5 Kgs already”, said another cheerleader, who was planning to buy new set of lean dresses.

On the other hand Maxwell has also threatened that if strike continues, he will bring his own personal cheerleaders which has created unrest in cheerleaders groups back in Australia. Many Cheerleader groups have unregistered themselves already. Later Desh ki Beti Rakhi Sawant came in front to take the challenge and said, ” Desh aur IPL ki ijjat ke liye, main kurbaani dene ko tyar hoon.”

Report is that, Cheerleaders had a private meeting with Maxwell after second match and have requested to have some pity on them. However Maxwell asked cheerleaders to have some motivation from Preity Zinta.

Bit hopeless with the meeting, cheerleader Martina, said, ” We had a similar meeting with Gayle also in last season and all we got was a 6 inch wide colgate smile. When we complained the same to Mallya, he asked us to meet one by one individually, we don’t know why.”

People have noticed cheerleaders doing MC BC of Warner and Sammi also after they gave Maxwell another chance.