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Kenya sues team India for copyright infringement; says India copied their style of play

06, Dec 2013 By Alok Sharma

Johannesburg.  After the recent loss to South Africa in the first one day of the series, it comes as an additional blow to the wounds of defeat that Kenya’s cricket board is suing the Indian team for copying their style of play.


The laziness on the field, the clueless batting and the directionless bowling has been a trademark feature of Kenya’s international cricket matches.

In the first one-day against the pink Proteas, India’s strategy and play had a striking resemblance to that of Kenya’s. In a report released by the Kenya’s cricket board, they have mentioned the unique style of the Kenyans and the similarities with India’s innings in detail, a copy of which was sent to the Faking News headquarters.

Analyzing the Indian performance, the report said that Rohit Sharma was afraid to touch the ball with his bat as he feared contracting the HIV virus, a clear indication that he bunked the sex education classes in school.

Yuvraj Singh seemed upset being woken up from his mid-match nap and went back to the pavilion soon after he was forced on the field by the team management. MS Dhoni’s yet another innings was an exact copy of what Steve Tikolo played multiple times for Kenya and the Kenyan board has decided to file a separate case against Dhoni.

Before that, India were Kock-ed by a great innings, which according to the detailed summary released by the board, “was a mockery of our matches when we used to be brutalized for no apparent reasons.”

An excerpt from the report, “India’s bowling in the first one-day international, dated 5th December, 2013, was in clear violation of the copyright laws as defined by the joint patent by Kenya, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and we are left with no other option but fight back for what is truly our heritage.”

No official from the BCCI could be reached for comment, however this journalist heard frantic laughter from the BCCI office as soon as the news was released.

MS Dhoni, in a press release, has apologized to the Kenyan public for hurting their sentiments and added that since it was only the first game of the series, it will take them some time to come up with a unique losing style of their own.