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Kambli attempts farewell, fails again

03, Dec 2013 By Hindustan

Encouraged by the adulation that his friend – turned – foe, Sachin Tendulkar received at his farewell, Vinod Kambli decided to organize one for himself.

To refresh the readers memories, Sachin and Vinod had burst on the cricketing scene over 25 years ago. While Sachin recently retired from competitive cricket, Kambli threatened to go a step ahead. After cricket, television and politics had prodigally bid goodbye to Kambli, it would have been difficult to decipher what he would retire from.

Best known for his clarity of thought and diplomacy, Kambli decided to bid a farewell to life. A teary eyed Kambli chose a famous hospital in Bandra for this emotional event. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Sachin’s farewell, Kambli too was surrounded by men-in-white during what were to be his last moments. Men in white lab coats gave their opinions on Kambli while they awaited test results.

“It would have taken a meticulously chosen unhealthy lifestyle to get there this early,” said a doctor who did not wish to be named.

“And don’t forget the amount of alcohol enough to drown the whole of Bangladesh,” an intern added.

Anticipating a huge turnout, Kambli had carefully chosen the weekend for his exit. But thankfully, he failed. Again. The results came back and cause for his chest pain turned out  to be what he is known to be full off – GAS.

However, Kambli has no regrets. “My photo appeared on the internet before the first doctor could attend to me. Clearly, it shows that I have a huge fan following. People are interested in me! Why would the paparazzi click otherwise?,” he challenged proudly.

Doctors have strongly advised that the truth not be leaked to Kambli: the photo was clicked by Raju, the wardboy at the hospital and was forwarded to his friend who runs an internet cafe at Nalasopara.

The good news is that Kambli will be around to entertain us by just being himself. Next, seeing the mood of the nation,Kambli is consulting lawyers to file a case of sexual molestation against a BCCI selector.