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Juan Mata rejects Arshad Warsi's claim, says he has never written an e-mail to him

06, Jul 2015 By sameer mahawar

Spain/Manchester. The acclaimed midfielder from Spain, who also holds the same position in ManU FC, Juan Mata held a press conference of late to clear the air on the rumors that he has sent any email to Arshad Warsi asking him to add on Facebook.

A Jaagran song from the movie Guddu Rangeela, ‘Kal raat mujhko Mata ka email aya hai, Mata ne mujhko Facebook pe bulaya hai‘, is hitting music and radio channels often now a days.

“I was trespassing an Indian colony in Manchester when I heard this song for the first time. I was sure that I haven’t written any email to any Indian, including Lalit Modi, in recent times. But when someone told me that this opportunity can lend me a career in Bollywood, I thought of (mis)using it to make connections with the actor, in case I might get any break over there,” said startled Mata.

“If John Abraham can play football, then why can’t I act in Bollywood,” was the reason behind this juvenile thinking.

But as soon as he came to know that the person who was singing the song was a Center Forward in the movie ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’, he immediately withdrew this meager thought.

In order to clear the air on the email issue, he instantly held the press conference dismissing any communication with Arshad Warsi.

As usually, our reporter, who was also a part of the conference, asked an out of the context question to Mata that which was his favorite pet animal, he replied, “Obviously not Lion, otherwise people would call me ‘Sheran wali Mata'”.

Sources say that Mata’s club teammate, Nani also held a press conference after listening to a desi rhyme “Nani teri morni ko mor le gye” where he made it clear that he never owned a Peahen which was taken away by Peacock.

Meanwhile Kakà is also thinking of sharing his Mann ki baat in Punjab via video conferencing so that the word Kakà is used only in good sense in Punjabi movies, songs and Gaalis. He, via Facebook, has appealed to all Punjabi parents who now and then scold their children saying “Kakà tere chittar boht pene” , “Tu sudhar ja kakà, nahi taan mere ton bura koi ni hona” to not to use his name as these kind of statements scares the shit out of him.